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One Item is a private initiative in which we collect donations to children and families in the area of Valea Screzii, Prahova, Romania.

It started in December 2011 when I heard about Valea Screzii from a friend. – The main building of the Children’s camp burnt down and my friend heard about  it. He said  to me : let us all give ONE ITEM  and support the children and people in Valea Screzii.

Since 2011 I have  had two trucks going with donations from Scandinavia to Romania. I have also spent some time there, last summer.  This spring, 2014,  we have collected donations for the third time.

The Principal at my school, The International School of Helsingborg, has provided me with a storage and people have come with their donations all spring. We have also picked up donations from people around Helsingborg.

Soon it’s time to wrap it up and we…

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Blue Nose Day

Simply Homemade

April, as I am sure some of you are aware is Autism Awareness month and tomorrow, 27th April is Blue Nose Day.

 Blue noses can be purchased nationwide for €2 in Xtravision, Eddie Rockets and HMV.

In Croke Park tomorrow evening during half time in the Allianz Division 1 League Football Final , Irish Autism Action are asking people to put on their blue nose and wear it for 60 seconds as they try to set a world record for the most people in Ireland wearing a blue nose to help raise awareness for autism. For people not attending the final all they have to do is like the Blue Nose Day world record page on facebook or use the hashtag  #bluenose on twitter when wearing the blue nose for Irish Autism Action to record the numbers outside of the stadium.

These counts will be tallied with those…

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Chocolate Layer Cake

Simply Homemade




Back in March we had Abbie’s 2nd birthday.

Time seems to be simply flying by, babies are not babies for a very long time at all, it’s so important to treasure each day with them.

We like to celebrate every occasion in our house, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Anniversaries and of course birthdays, and all of these occasions call for cake.

I have a wish list of books and the children always give me one or two for Christmas and birthdays, I was the lucky recipient of Cupcakes from the Primrose Bakery last Christmas. Along with a wonderful array of cupcake recipes, there are also some cake recipes, one of which is the chocolate cake I made for Little Miss Abbie’s 2nd birthday.

Abbie loves cake, all kinds of cake and once this one was adorned in Pink Icing and Peppa Pig she was well…

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Apple Pie

Simply Homemade

Bramley apples are on special offer in the supermarket this week, you know the one, where ‘every little helps’ 😉

If that’s not an excuse to make an apple pie, I don’t know what is.

I always feel a little nostalgic when I make an apple pie, it was a regular thing in our house, Saturday was ‘Baking Day’, though in reality I think my mother baked something everyday, whether it was scones, buns or brown bread, the cake tin was never empty and the kettle was always on.

 ImageEverybody who called to our house had the obligatory cup of tea and a treat from the tin, a slice of tea brack, a scone or more often than not a slice of apple tart.

I loved Saturdays, I always got to help out, of course as I hit my teenage years I would rather stay in bed, sometimes rising…

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